Epoq - we’re regulated
by the Solicitors Regulation Authority

We’re a Multi-disciplinary practice law firm, whereby the part of our business that provides legal advice
and reviews documents for customers is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

The Solicitors Regulation Authority

The SRA’s job is to protect the public by regulating solicitors and law firms in England and Wales.

It decides who can become a solicitor and makes rules and sets standards by which every solicitor and law firm should operate. If they don’t follow the rules, the SRA has the power to close down a law firm or stop a solicitor from practicing.

The SRA stipulates that every solicitor and law firm should be clear with clients about every part of their service, including their costs. It wants to make it easy for everyone to find a good service and get a fair deal. And, if things do go wrong like when a solicitor breaks the rules, it’s there to give support and redress to the client.
Epoq Legal

We’re proud to be regulated and authorised by the SRA. It means we’re held to the same standards as traditional law firms and, if something goes wrong, we accept legal responsibility for our services.

We don’t hide behind any small print.

You can view our complaints procedure here.
The logo and link above is only provided to SRA registered law firms. When clicked you will be redirected to the SRAs website confirming that we are a regulated lawfirm together with the protections afforded to users of our services.