Robust and scalable
technology platform

Our technology is designed with customers in mind, ensuring a reliable and user-friendly experience. Trusted by major brands, it is built to pass rigorous due-diligence tests.

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How our smart document preparation works

Our document preparation process uses an interactive, step-by-step questionnaire to gather all the necessary information just like a solicitor would face-to-face together with help and guidance throughout the process.

As the questions are answered, the document is drafted in real-time, tailoring clauses to produce a personalised and high-quality legal document.

Once complete, customers can send their document securely through the platform to our regulated legal team for review, advice and bespoke changes to ensure it’s suitable for their unique needs and circumstances.

Comprehensive back-office management

Our back-office management system is designed for customer service and legal teams to interact securely with customers, including the review and drafting of legal documents on customers' behalf.

All interactions between the customer, the legal services website, and legal team are tracked and can be reported on.

The system has various user group levels, so it can be adapted to different workflows.

Robust and well-documented API

Our API allows partners to customise workflows to best suit their needs, with full training and support provided as part of our ongoing partner support programme.

Common customisations include offering alternative customer access methods, including a single sign-on system, pre-populating documents with customer information or automatically extracting management information.

Full reporting and
customer insights

Our platform includes a secure reporting tool, allowing partners to run reports on how their customers interact with the platform.

Reports can also be automated or programmatically imported into partners' systems.

Robust security

Our platform is hosted on a secure, market-leading AWS-based solution with independent location failover. It’s built to pass security due-diligence tests and is routinely penetration tested by third-party providers.

The platform has never had a system breach in the 25+ years we've been trading and is continually adapted to match or exceed industry standards.