Online legal document and advice services for small businesses

Epoq gives you a way to enhance your offering and provide greater ongoing day-to-day value by helping your SME customers deal with the many legal issues they will face as they grow their businesses

What services do we offer?

Available on a white-labelled or standalone basis, our business legal services include:


Online document preparation system, which includes 100s of easy-to-customise legal documents, contracts and letters


Extensive jargon-free online guides to business laws and regulations


On hand for expert advice over the phone 24/7 and to check documents created on the system

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Give SME customers real value and generate a risk free income
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How does this help you?

Giving your customers or members access to our services will augment and enhance your current offering and help you to:

Provide a more comprehensive service

Build stronger, longer term relationships

Reinforce your position as a trusted adviser

Make your offering more attractive to new prospects

Develop a new and reliable revenue stream for your business

What areas of law do we cover?

We cover an extensive range of legal areas the commonly affect businesses as they develop and grow

  • Business start-up
  • Debts & debt recovery
  • Commercial property
  • Ecommerce
  • Employment
  • Health & safety
  • Intellectual property
  • Purchase & sales agreements

What SMEs say about our service

"I wish I had found this sooner, it's already proving to be a brilliant asset to my business!"

"The service was really helpful and provided some valuable prompts and information on relevant legislation, along with measures to be taken to comply with it."

"The service is really helpful and everyone that sets up a business should use it."

"Brilliant, just saved me £100's"

"Excellent. Gives you peace of mind that you are conducting business legally. Would recommend to anyone with their own business."

  • Help your SME customers get compliant and protect their business
  • Optional legal expenses claims review service available
  • Easy access to legal contracts, HR and compliance documents
  • Plus, legal experts on hand for document review and advice

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