Online client engagement for law firms

DirectLaw is Epoq's affordable Software as a Service (SaaS) platform which allows a law firm to add a range of online engagement capabilities to their existing website. Chief amongst these is the addition of document automation using Rapidocs®, but other facilities include the collection of online payments, a secure web-based communications channel and a series of functions designed to quickly capture tentative telephone enquiries and channel those prospects to the web. Payment can be taken both online and offline, and the ongoing design of the platform and its features are heavily geared toward the needs and working practices of law firms.

The system is designed to be both lightweight and easily integrated; at its most basic level, the process is no more complicated than the embedding of generating links. A minimum of branding and styling can be applied to a basic template in order to match the services' appearance more closely with the law firm's main site, and the law firm has complete control over the range and pricing of all the services they offer through an easily accessible administration interface.

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